Progoods Probiotics

The way Progoods Probiotics work.

There are good bacteria, and bad bacteria (pathogenic), which cause disease like E.colli, MRSA, Legionella and Listeria. Only one type of bacteria (good or bad) can live in a certain area; the bacteria, all rely on the same space and the same nutrients found in that specific area.

Filling this specific area with good bacteria (Progoods Probiotics) will reduce the chance bad bacteria can settle. (But) like all living organisms, good bacteria eventually will die and therefore need to be regularly replaced with new, good bacteria to maintain the beneficial effects and avoids settling of bad bacteria.

Lactic acid-producing bacteria are the most commonly used probiotics in foods. It is well known that probiotics
have a number of beneficial health effects in humans and animals. They play an important role in the protection of the host against harmful microorganisms and also strengthen the immune system.