Progoods Healthy Air

ProGoods-HealthyAir is a unique technological method which distributes probiotic material through air-conditioning and ventilation systems in a controlled manner (it can also be combined with fragrance, which we can also supply, please contact us for further details). It uses ProGoods-HealthyAir probiotics and ProGoods-HealthyAirdiffuser units. That is specially probiotic material, and equipment that fits easily and discretely into existing air-conditioning and ventilation units.

Sick Building (Ship) Syndrome (SBS) is a widely recognized phenomenon, which as been documented since the early sixties. The symptoms are irritation to the nose, eyes, skin and throat, together with lethargy, headaches and lack of concentration.

One of the most common causes of SBS is poor indoor air quality. A key-contributing factor to Sick Building Syndrome is biological contaminants, such as bacteria, mold and viruses. 

These contaminants may breed in stagnant water that has accumulated in ducts, humidifiers and drain pans, or where water has collected on ceiling tiles, carpeting, or insulation.

Sick Building Syndrome has been suggested it could be caused by inadequate ventilation, chemical contaminants from indoor or outdoor sources, and/or biological contaminants.

“Bacteria, molds, pollen, and viruses are types of biological contaminants” and can all cause Sick Building Syndrome.